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UPDATE: September 29, 2014 - Detroiters Vow Resistance After Judge Rules There is No Human Right to Water

August 17, 2014 - Protesters Gain Detroit Water Shut-Off Moratorium, Demand Investigation of Suspected Rampant Corruption


Rally to Stop the Privatization of Detroit Friday, July 18, 1 PM

Read full article: A National Call to Link Arms for Detroit!

Freedom Friday 10!

“It’s not one thing, it’s EVERYTHING!” – Rev. Pinkney

Stop the Water Shutoffs! Restore Water Service!

Hands off the Pensions!

Make the Banks Pay!

July 18, 2014, 1pm

Hart Plaza
Jefferson and Woodward, downtown Detroit (two blocks east of Cobo Hall) (map)

March & Rally Endorsers (to date): 

National Nurses United
Michigan Nurses Association
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions
Ontario Nurses Association
Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO
AFSCME Council 25
UAW Local 600
CWA Local 4100
Netroots Nation
Food and Water Watch
Democracy for America
Moratorium NOW! Coalition
National Action Network-Detroit
Detroit Eviction Defense
Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM)
We the People of Detroit
Food Justice PMA
People’s Water Board
Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI)
Stop Theft of Our Pensions Committee
Detroit Active and Retired Employees
Free Detroit No Consent
Detroit Public Schools Education Task Force
Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
Detroit Water Brigade
Student Global AIDS Campaign
Coalition of Labor Union Women – Metro Detroit
Franciscan Action Network
Progressive Democrats of America
National People’s Action
We Are Woman
Color of Change
Michigan Election Reform Alliance (MERA)
Fight for Your Rights
Winship Community Association (Detroit)
Popular Resistance
National Election Integrity Coalition
Alliance for Democracy
Warriors on Wheels of Metropolitan Detroit (WOW)
Health GAP
Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MI-CATS)
Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands (D-CATS)
Detroit Green Party
System Change Not Climate Change, NYC
Michigan United
Alliance for Democracy/Defending Water Campaign
Detroit People’s Platform
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water
Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom USA/Earth Democracy
Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, Detroit Branch
Home Defenders League

We call on activists everywhere to come to Detroit on Friday, July 18 for a rally and march to fight the dictatorship of Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, appointed by millionaire Republican Governor Rick Synder, and backed by Wall Street bankers and the 1%.

Under a state-imposed bankruptcy, the City of Detroit workers face severe cuts to their pensions and several hundred thousand people face water shutoffs.

The banks who have destroyed Detroit’s neighborhoods through racist predatory subprime mortgages and saddled the City of Detroit with fraudulent subprime financing, continue to loot the people of Detroit.

Detroiters have lost their democratic rights – “elected” officials serve at the pleasure of the unelected Emergency Manager, and may be fired at any time.

From the loss of the auto plant jobs, loss of people from home foreclosures, attack on pensions, high insurance, replacing public schools with charter schools/Education Achievement Authority (EAA), water shut-offs, to privatization and the state helping corporations take over city assets and services such as Belle Isle, the largest urban park in the U.S., garbage department, workforce development, human services, health dept., Detroit Institute of Arts, with selling the water dept. on the horizon! Banks, billionaires and corporations made this bankruptcy up to rob the people of Detroit blind and kill democracy.

To Detroiters, we say, ”It’s time to take a stand, stand up and fight for yourselves, your children, your grandchildren, your city!”

To people everywhere, we say, “Stand with the people of Detroit. Your city, your services, and your pensions will be targetted next”

Let’s come together to stop the takeover of Detroit, we are not going to take this anymore!  United we can stop the takeover of our Detroit!

--- Detroit Moratorium Now and Freedom Fridays Coalition


Why is Michigan a Battleground State?

The Supreme Court decisions that equated money with free speech and corporations with people, have unleashed a huge flood of corporate campaign cash into Michigan. Plagued with rigged elections, corrupt government, and predatory bank lending, this once formidable stronghold of the labor movement is now a state in-effect run by oligarchy; its cities forced into bankruptcies and corporate "Emergency Management."

In the Michigan legislature, the attack on democracy was spearheaded by ALEC, and funded by Americans for Prosperity -- the political arms of the fossil fuel billionaire Koch brothers. Their huge flow of cash has bought crucial legislative and court seats and fueled a full scale regressive assault on:

  • the poor, mostly black population
  • labor rights
  • the elderly
  • education
  • voting rights
  • women's health
  • Detroit city workers’ pensions
  • victims of fraudulent home foreclosures
  • access to water for the poor 

The strategic plan: Rig elections through voting machine, absentee, and write-in ballot fraud, and gerrymander Michigan and other Midwest swing-states in order to turn them into permanent fiefdoms of corporations, as part of the Right’s tactical plan to control the next few election cycles and bring the country fully under their control. 

The Michigan gerrymander was carried out in 2010 by the GOP-controlled legislature. In Presidential elections, over 54% of MI voters usually mark their ballots for Democrats. Now, of the State’s 14 federal congressional districts, 9 are controlled by Republicans. 

The next step: CHEAT TO STEAL THE PRESIDENCY. Plans are afoot to change the rules for the next presidential race; to convert Michigan's electoral-college votes to proportional representation rather than winner-take-all, which will likely result in the Democratic candidate for President in Michigan losing 9 out of 14 electoral votes while winning the popular vote. 


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PETITION: Tell Detroit to turn on the water!

To be delivered to James Fausone, Chairman of the Detroit Water and Sewage Department

We demand that the Detroit Water and Sewage Department stop violating basic human rights and return clean water to Detroit citizens.




Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO)

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

Eastern Michigan Environmental Action Council

Detroit Eviction Defense

Michigan Campaign Finance Network

Moratorium Now! Coalition

Michigan Election Reform Alliance (MERA)

Uprooting Racism Detroit

Common Cause (MI)

League of Women Voters (MI)

Public Interest Research Group in Michigan (PIRGIM)




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Michigan is a battleground state in the democracy movement.
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Michigan is a battleground state in the democracy movement.