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Continue the fight for accessible and #safe #elections! Visit to view state-specific #PolicyReforms and push legislators to ensure every eligible #American can #vote.

#THREAD: Everyone's voice deserves to be heard this #election. Here's how YOU can help #ProtectTheVote: sign our #petitions below to ensure all eligible #voters can access the #BallotBox. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #VRA55

"Instead of responding with unmarked federal troops, tear gas and rubber bullets, it's time for our elected officials to ensure every vote counts and every vote is counted." - @WendyFieldsDI

WEDNESDAY: @KaseVirginia & LWV President Deborah Turner will examine how women voters can better elevate the voices & perspectives of women of color & how we can protect current voting rights while continuing to expand access.
Join us: #WomenPowertheVote

This brings us one step closer to having a government that truly represents the people of Pennsylvania! Soon, maybe we won't be the fifth most corrupt state anymore.... 😅#BanBribes

A federal judge in Florida ruled in our favor and blocked the state from barring returning citizens from voting if they can’t afford to pay court-ordered fines and fees.

The redistricting reform amendment supported by 61% of Michigan voters still stands! We look forward to doing everything we can to make sure it's a success. #ShapeMIFuture