The Senate Must Enact Democracy Reform!

The For The People Act (HR 1) first passed the House in March of 2019, but stalled in the Senate. In March 2021, for the second time, the For the People Act passed the House with support from the Democratic caucus, yet it once again stalled in the Senate, where the Minority Leader has pledged to block it. Additionally, in the face of pressure from big money donors, Senator Manchin, who had been a sponsor of the 2019 bill, has actually withdrawn his support for preserving democracy… due to the push from those funding a government designed “for the rich,” instead of “for the people.” 

That’s why the For The People Act must pass—before it’s too late! The reforms would:

  • —Put ordinary Americans ahead of Big Money donors;
  • —Expand and protect voting rights and access to the ballot;
  • —End gerrymandering so that electoral districts are fairly drawn; and
  • —Hold elected officials to important ethical standards.

The bill would preserve our democracy and assure our political system is inclusive, responsive, and representative of American working people—not of big money donors set on buying political influence and drowning out the voices of The People.

Sign your name to show your support for preserving our democracy. 

Democracy for the People