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Tell Your Senators: Fix or Nix the Filibuster!

We urgently need our government to pass legislation that rises to meet the challenges our country is facing in this critical moment. The filibuster, a Jim Crow-era relic, must not stand in the way of passing urgent legislation that preserves our democracy and our people by protecting the integrity of our elections, strengthening voting rights, supporting critical infrastructure, and more.

Long wielded as a weapon by a handful of anti-democracy Senators to choose the side of the wealthy over the side of working people, the Senate filibuster is regularly used to kill legislation that would address the inequities facing vulnerable communities.

Senate Democrats have the power to change the filibuster rules to prevent the Minority Leader from further weakening our democracy and increasing our divide. So, sign this petition TODAY to tell your Senator: the Senate filibuster must not stand in the way of revitalizing our democracy any longer!